54- to 63-seat bus rental with driver

Rent a 54 to 63-seat bus with driver Louerunbus.com :

Louerunbus.com is the specialist in 54 to 63-seat bus rentals. Our partnership with over 1,200 coach companies guarantees you the best value for money!

Renting a coach is no small matter! There are lots of decisions to be made, and lots of people to judge your choices. Choices like who to choose, how to make sure the rental will be honored, how to fit the price into an already tight budget...

With louerunbus.com, you're assured of quality service and the best prices on the market. If the bus rental price doesn't fit your budget, you won't find a cheaper deal anywhere else. That's our credo and the reason why this platform exists: to provide you with chauffeur-driven vehicles at the lowest possible price. There's no need to ask around or ask your neighbor - the driver is included in the price! So there's only one word to say: TAKE ADVANTAGE! You deserve it.

Our buses have 54 to 63 seats. For larger numbers, have a look at our fleet of buses that can accommodate from 64 to 93 passengers.

Safety belts

coach rental
Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory

Reclining seat

For comfortable, pressure-free travel!

Television + DVD

Watching the road go by or a film ... it's up to you


Don't panic, WIFI is available on our buses


There's nothing like a footrest for travelling light

Air conditioning

coach rental
Travelling in good conditions is important

Luggage compartment

coach rental
Large enough for all your luggage

1st aid

coach rental
Kit available on all our rental buses

Mixed W.C.

Small spaces mean shared amenities


Know where you are in real time

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